I'm a student, I did an appreticeship as a web developer. So, I'm lacking a bit of experience, since I'm new. Coded for more or less 2 years and now 1 year break. Since I'm goign to study I need some moneysource. Beinga freelancer and my own boss is perfect since it's quite flexible and I do get good money.

Anyway, my goal is to develope little web applications and little homepages. So I won't do very big projects althought I've been involved into bigger ones and also have experience in being just a project manager.

So I have 4 goals to master:
1. All the legal stuff like setting up a basic contract, learning how to found a one person company etc.
2. Setting up Serverside stuff and refresh knowledge
3. CMS and coding knowledge refresh
4. Design, on my own or not?

1. Probably the wrong forums, I'm form switzerland. So don't bother about this.
2. Server. I need a Server. On this topic, I would be very happy for some advice. Back when I did the apprenticeship, the comapny have had everything, so I never had to set it up. I'm able to set up an development server with LAMP config but since it's just a development server I absolutely never had anything to do with monitoring, big security questions, law etc. If i rent a server, how much of administration do I have to do on my own? Are there any good books which give me a nice solid start? Especially on security. Thanks, oh I want to use Suse or Ubuntu since I'm used to them. Also no GUI related books, JUST CONSOLE!. I never ever had to work with an GUI, they let me grow up with the console and I absolutely don't see any point of starting using the GUI. Thanks
3.For this goal (developing rather simple homepages/applications) I want my own CMS. This is for several reasons like: I don't like how most of the current CMS works. I don't like this backend/frontend thing. It's horrible to teach this to you customers and I don't like this overwhelment of features. I just want somethign simple for me and my customers. Its also about fun, doing it. :P For this, I will take Symfony2 as a framework. Here I'll read the Symfony2 Book. It's also about refrehsing my coding skills/knowledge since I didn't code for one year. Also I never actually did things like unit tests, which I now want to add into my skills. Please suggest any good programming books on: HTML/JS/jQuery/PHP
4. Hmm, do you think I can learn this as well or should I rather watch out for a designer? Tending to the last one althought I'd be intrested, but I think this is quite an experience and talent oriented topic.

So, this was a little introduction into my plans, any advices? Please answer Number 2 in detail. This is where I lack a lot of experience and probably some knowledge. E.g. in the beginning I would rent just little webspace for the pages and if I have a few customers I'd rent an root server and migrate everything. Otherwise I would waste money on the high rent in the beginning. Anyway, the big question is about hosting. Any books, (bigger) articles etc. are welcome. In german or english. Any godo hosting advices for swiss hosters are also welcome.

Thanks for reading!