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Thread: Project management, Collaberation and file sharing

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    Project management, Collaberation and file sharing

    We just started a Theatre Company. The Davis Street Collective in Dallas tx. what we are wanting to do is put together an internal website that will host productivity software and collaboration tools for the members. The problem with working with artist is that they are not very tech savvy so i am looking at finding something like google drive to host up on the web host. or even an easy way to set up a drop box esq system so we can at least share a folder that everyone can get to easily. If there was a way to set up permissions so that some people could not see or get into some of the files while other people could that would be great also. I am a novice at that but the tech savvy one in the bunch. I won't actually be able to develop code but am more than capable to install onto a server. The reason that we are not using google for Corporate is because we are looking for a more cost-effective solution than $5/person. open source software is what i would like to use but I am open to any options.

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    You can try proofhub, it is a web based project management tool and is quite easy to use and can help you share folders with all or some of your members as per your need.

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    You can try Teamwork PM, it is free for at least 2 projects, very user friendly, interface is not difficult to navigate even to newbies. You can upload files and share it with only the person you like. You can also assign task and monitor deadlines for task. Instant messaging is also available.

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