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Thread: How to create a customizable face image?

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    How to create a customizable face image?

    I am trying to create a custom face and I am looking for some suggestions.

    So basically, I have a plain face image on the left side.

    On the right panel, I have hair style, hair color, nose type, eye type, eye color and so on.

    so the image is updated when the user select something on the right pannel.

    Edit: So for example,

    If I select hair style 1 and red hair color on the right panel, The face image on the left panel will have Hair style 1 with red color. If I keep going and select eye type 2 with blue color, the face image will have hair style 1 with red color, eye type 2 with blue color.

    What is the best way to do this beside make whole bunch of images for each scenario?

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