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Thread: Help me to review my site !

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    Jun 2013

    Help me to review my site !

    This is my site : http://webdesignvalley.com/

    I need some advice to re design my website, Thanks

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    May 2013
    It looks professional, i think the site is great.

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    i agree that it looks professional. i will nitpick anyway. the right end of text of contact link would look nicer if it lined up with last digit of phone number. the font used for the text "full web design services" in the logo is hard to read.
    lots of documentation/notes in html is nice. to be semantically correct, you should move all of the styling and css import calls to an external file. cheers!

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    It looks great, but is mentioning price in the title tag the best way ?
    also seems like you are using many images from other websites, does it works good from seo perspective ?

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