Hi, everybody!

I have request to implement payment on some fb page, payment need to be via mobile phone and via credit cards (PAY PAL).

I already have account on facebook developer page, but I will apreciate if someone could explain me some the most important steps in this whole process, to have on this way, better insight what I need to do.

I already find some useful links on:


but does it mean that this is only copy-paste code, which I should integrate via facebook developer page, or I must write new facebook app from scratch?

For test purpose I logged onto facebook developer page, and clicked there "+Create new app " button, then I got new page with all settings on left side:


-Developer roles



I need exactly this part - "payments".

So what I need to do from this step further? I find part Graph API, and I see that I can paste code there.

I will very apreciate if could someone give me some directions how to success with this.

Thank you in advance!