I am new to IOS development I come from a web site development background. I have been working through tutorials and I am very impressed with Xcode. It is so easy to use and learn.

My main hurdle at this point is understanding objective C and its limitations or how to complete tasks.

I have an idea for an app that is very basic. It will display information for products and allow users to rate them. each product will have a name, picture, about the product text and rating.

If I were to be using php on a website I would make a template with these labels and then just call in the information from a database through variables.

for the purpose of making this app for IOS would i basically be able to make one page and when someone clicks the product it populates the information under the previously mentioned labels above?

Or would i need to make a separate page on the story board for every product?

For example,

name: waffles

Picture of Waffles

about: they are great

5 star clickable rating bar.

Would that need to be set up separately for all 500 hundred products? or could I just take that template and make some type of call to populate the information based on the current product being viewed????

Thanks for your help!