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Thread: JetStrap/BootStrap CSS

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    JetStrap/BootStrap CSS


    I a currently building up a web page template with a program called JetStrap/BootStrap. I have been able to download my project folder which contains my HTML mark up page, and the assets folder containing CSS, images, and JavaScript. My problem, however, is identifying which CSS stylesheet pertains to my HTML. I looked at each CSS stylesheet, and everything seems jumbled up. Currently, my HTML code shows all the HTML, however, it does not show the CSS external stylesheet that belongs to my page. Is there a way to make the stylesheet show in my HTML, so that I can open it and look at it?

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    Get either Firefox or Chrome and install the Web Developer Tools. Then you can right-click on any element, select "Inspect Element" and you'll see all of the CSS for that element including the stylesheet where each rule is located.
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