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Thread: Enhance Your Sales With Magento ECommerce Platform

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    Enhance Your Sales With Magento ECommerce Platform

    Do you have a question like "how do i set up an online business website"? So this article is for you.

    Taking your business online? What if your present website starts selling online and wants to keep track of all your orders and securely charge your customer's credit cards (Manage and Accept Orders).

    An eCommerce solution will help you to enhance your sales channels on the internet. What if you get a solution that turns your website into a sales person that sells 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

    Is it sufficient to have a website for your products or services and sell it online? The answer is YES, but what about the custom look and feel, easy to access, easy to use; user friendly and most important is payment transaction & security?

    You can go sell your products & services online with a new eCommerce webstore built within a weeks' time.

    Magento is an eCommerce Platform with 5 million downloads.

    how do i set up an online business website
    The Magento ecommerce system has been widely adopted by online retailers with 150,000 sites known to use itranging from smaller ecommerce websites to large multinational businesses such as Harvey Nichols and Samsung.

    Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce platform solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the functionality of their online channel

    You're not limited to any predefined website design, navigation or payment methods. The solution is highly flexible and can be customized for a wide variety of stores. Magento has one page check-outs, SEOfriendly, one can built multi-lingual and multi-currency webstores. The solution also has inbuilt features eg. Inventory management, customer management, order management, analytics & reports, and many more.

    Here are some top eCommerce Features of Magento:

    1. Store management

    2. Catalogmanagement

    3. Catalog browsing

    4. Category management

    5. Product management

    6. Product browsing

    7. Search functionality

    8. Shopping cart

    9. Check-outs

    10. Payment methods

    11. Invoice management

    12. Tax calculation

    13. Shipping method and carriers

    14. Admin management

    15. CMS management, Static Blocks Inventory management, RSS Feed

    16. W3C validation

    17. Sales & Marketing Coupons or Promotion management

    18. SEO friendly urls

    19. SSL Security Support

    20. Mobile commerce

    21. Social Media Integration

    22. Amazon EC2 Setup

    23. Third-Party Applications and Extensions

    24. Speed optimization

    25. And many more...

    If you are the owner of an eCommerce business, choose none other than the Magento eCommerce platform for Website Development / designing. Expert Magento Designers facilitate customers to reach business for 24 hours, 7 days in no time.

    Magento developers (Magento Certified Developer and Magento Certified Developer Plus) ensures Magento implementations with usability best practices and optimized for ultimate conversion while delivering the best eCommerce solution for any retailer that includes Magento Consultation and more.

    Sigma Infosolutions has a centre of excellence for Magento Development Services and has a dedicated, experienced and certified team of technical engineers experienced in services related to Magento Development & Enterprise eCommerce Solutions.

    If you need magento developer you can write us at sales[@]sigmainfo.net or call at +19497056905 (US) / +91 9845730380 (India) and share your project requirement.

    Check out Why Should you Choose Magento!

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    Hey there,

    I would be more then happy to help out.

    my direct number is 1-800-219-1314 EXT 0 or email me william@webdevelopmentgroup.org.

    I've worked on several e-commerce platforms including joomla, oscommerce, magneto
    and others that where PHP built/custom.

    Lets talk

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