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Thread: Please review my site : driprevolution.com/

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    Please review my site : driprevolution.com/

    Hey guys,

    Please review my site: http://driprevolution.com/.
    I want to redo it, and i need some advice and suggestion.

    Thank you,
    Nick Raevsky

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    I don't think you have to redo it at all. I like your design and colors, very much. The only real problem I see is that your features and such are way at the bottom where they should be at the top where your packages are. I think a jQuery carousel for your packages would be a cool addition, but you gotta get those features and "consists of" at the top of your page somehow. The big trial button should be the top of your info and bottom, kinda like a content header and footer. If you moved that bottom info up, you would have that header/footer part done.

    So far that's what I see. You could also use a jQuery flexslider as well. Just an idea.

    That's my 2 cents...

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    Surendranagar Gujarat India
    Hi Crork

    i see your site.
    your site looking good
    i think your font is note batter than other site that work like you..
    so you try to change your font type..

    Gaurav Pandya
    Software Engineer
    Insight Softech

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