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Thread: Picassa Embedded Photo Album

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    Picassa Embedded Photo Album

    I have created a web site which uses the HTML <embed> code to display a Picassa photo album. Google is in the process of transitioning the pictures on Picassa to Google +. However I cannot find any code to link to a photo album hosted at Google + & display this in the web page as a slideshow. I see where to link the individual pictures as hyperlinks put this puts the link in the page & the user has to click to see an individual picture. And with the album as its own slideshow, pictures can be added to the album & displayed on the page without changing the actual page.
    I hope someone can give some insight on this. Thanks.

    Bob McP

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    Actually no idea about your problem but I want to how you a tool for making your picture gallery more beautiful:
    Canvas- Beautiful Image Gallery

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    I wouldn't rely on Google. JAlbum writes the code for you and with the Skin you like, it will show your images in a better way. It also have a built in editor if you want to edit the Skin(s).

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