This is all new to me and I am so frustrated - Iím working on an HTML Form, I have googled for days on this but can't seem to find anything helpful. Iím running into a couple of issues. (1) Unable to have 2 option values [one for Branch and the other for email to Branch Mgr.] Iím unable to get my output to email to branch managers AND contain the branch (see example below). Basically, I only need one of the drop downs to contain the 12 mgrs. emails. I donít want the managers to receive unnecessary emails that donít affect their business. * Ideally I need 2 option values and will probably have to create some sort of an array but not sure which direction to go with this.

(2) Also, I have javascript code to add a row for additional equipment. When I add an additional row and fill it in the Stock #, Serial # and Description come out undefined and then basically wipe out all content of those 3 fields for previous equipment.

Current output:
Transfer Order

Stock Number: 12345
Serial Number: 67890
Description: tractor
Requested By: Jane
Requested Date: 06/21/2013
Customer Info: John
Requesting Branch:
Shipping Branch:
Requesting Branch: Boston
Shipping Branch: Hanover

Intent for form Ė Sales Rep fills out form fields with equipment to transfer from one place to another. He then selects (2 drop downs) Requesting Org and a Shipping Org, emails will then go to specific Org Mgr. Once Submit button is selected 4 additional people will also receive the request (this will be accomplished using a distribution list)

Thanks for any help someone can provide.