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Thread: Social Advertising on Facebook

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    Social Advertising on Facebook

    Facebook is used by over 500 million people. This audience potential is pretty high, whatever your targeted demographic may be.Typically, ads on Facebook are run daily, and according to the model youíve chosen; whether it be CPC or CPM, and are set within a maximum daily budget. (The maximum daily budget is a benefit because it disables the challenge of accidentally overspending.)
    Overall, setting up a facebook ad is quick and simple , and as stated before there are two methods to go about obtaining traffic. These are Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM). A great thing about these forms of traffic is your ability to choose a range of options when setting up your advertising account that can target ads specifically to either as direct or as broad of an audience as you would like.

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    Thanks for all of these informations.

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    Yes, Facebook receives highest visitors, there is no doubt to it.

    Facebook can also be used for marketing purposes, what you need to do is to use Facebook ads if you want to promote any product on Facebook.

    It helps in business promotion too.
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    I created a fanpage for my website on Facebook once, and guess what, my sites' traffic went over the roof.

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