Hi All,

I'm an "experienced" web designer and relatively competent in HTML/CSS and the like. However, I've been asked to tackle a new project with a few elements slightly out of my comfort zone.

The website is for a local sports league and needs a database to allow for the upload and editing of dynamic content. Specifically, it needs the following:

An administrator log-in where the league director can upload the game schedules for the various leagues in any given season. Each game would be given an ID code of some kind. Each of the 50 member schools would need their own private log-in, so they can click on one of their games on the schedule, enter their log-in info, and update the score of the game they just played. That's about it.

Previously, the organization used Clubspaces to accomplish this, but apparently they're going out of business. As a member of the organization, I offered to set-up something for them from scratch.

My first thought was that this would be a good fit for a MySQL database, but could be completely wrong. Would like a solution that is comprehensive enough, but also relatively easy for a novice like myself to work with.

Any advice or suggestions? Thanks!