1. How do i made recordset for add more fields script so that users can update later also
2. This code is related to Parent adding family details(add more fields script is used) and much more like simple matrimony site.
Example,My name is jone and i have three children ie jone1 (Age:25,Gender:male,status:divorced),jone2
(Age:18,Gender:female,status:unmarried),jone3 (Age:30,Gender:male,status:separated).If user search country:japan,Age:25,Gender:male,status:divorced then use get the result for only jone1 row(add more fields
script) and jone2 + jone3 does not be show in result.Keeping headname,native,country,state of parent default execute.
I put all the detail in server .Please refer to this link and if you have any solution tell me or you can give me hint also. http://caringhandsrehab.in/addmore/index.php
Please help me anyone, I have to submit this project in 2 day and i am new to programming language..
PHP Code:
<!doctype html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Untitled Document</title>
 <form method="post" action="" name="form1" id="form1" >   
 <select name="search_gender" id="search_gender"  required >
                  <option value="" selected="selected">Looking for</option>
                    <option value="male">male</option>
                    <option value="female">female</option>
                   <select name="search_from" id="search_from" required>
           <option value="" selected >Age from</option>
                <option value="18">18</option>
                                    <option value="19">19</option>
                                    <option value="20">20</option>
                    <option value="21">21</option>
                                    <option value="22">22</option>
                                    <option value="23">23</option>
                                    <option value="24">24</option>
                                    <option value="25">25</option>
                                    <option value="26">26</option>
                  <select name="search_to" id="search_to"  required>
            <option value="" selected>Age to</option>
              <option value="18">18</option>
              <option value="19">19</option>
              <option value="20">20</option>
              <option value="21">21</option>
     <select name="search_status" id="search_status" required>
                  <option value="" selected="selected">Marital Status</option>
                    <option value="unmarried">Unmarried</option>
                    <option value="widow">Widow/Widower</option>
                     <select onchange="print_offstate('offstate',this.selectedIndex);" id="offcountry" name ="offcountry" required>  </select>
        <select name ="offstate" id ="offstate" required></select>
             <script language="javascript">print_offcountry("offcountry");</script>
    <input type="submit" name="doSearch"  id="doSearch2" value="Search" />
<table width="960" border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4">
    <td width="50" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"><strong>ID</strong></td>
    <td width="150" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"><strong>Head name</strong></td>
    <td width="100" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"><strong>Native place</strong></td>
    <td width="150" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"><strong>Name</strong></td>
    <td width="60" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"><strong>Gender</strong></td>
    <td width="75" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"><strong>Birthdate</strong></td>
    <td width="30" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"><strong>Age</strong></td>
    <td width="95" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"><strong>Relation</strong></td>
    <td width="125" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"><strong>Education</strong></td>
    <td width="75" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"><strong>Status</strong></td>
    <td width="50" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"><strong>Detail</strong></td>
$_REQUEST["search_gender"] <>'' && $_REQUEST["search_from"] <>'' && $_REQUEST["search_to"] <>'' && $_REQUEST["search_status"] <>'' && $_REQUEST["offcountry"] <>'' && $_REQUEST["offstate"] <>'') {
$sql "select * from users u LEFT JOIN web w on (w.id = u.id) WHERE MATCH(id,full_name,native,country,state) AGAINST('%$doSearch%' IN BOOLEAN MODE) "; }
$sql_result mysql_query ($sql$connection ) or die ('request "Could not execute SQL query" '.$sql);
if (
mysql_num_rows($sql_result)>0) {
    while (
$row mysql_fetch_assoc($sql_result)) {
    <td><?php echo $row["id"]; ?></td>
    <td><?php echo $row["full_name"]; ?></td>
    <td><?php echo $row["native"]; ?></td>
    <td><?php echo $row["dynname"]; ?></td>
    <td><?php echo $row["dyngender"]; ?></td>
    <td><?php echo $row["dyndob"]; ?></td>
    <td><?php echo $row["dynage"]; ?></td>
    <td><?php echo $row["dynrelation"]; ?></td>
    <td><?php echo $row["dyneducation"]; ?></td>
    <td><?php echo $row["dynstatus"]; ?></td>
    <td><?php echo '?id='$row['id']; ?> </td>
} else {
<tr><td colspan="5">No results found.</td>