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Thread: Reconsidering Java and please give some feedback for a blog

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    Reconsidering Java and please give some feedback for a blog

    Hi guys,
    I've recently started using Java for my web project - this is why http://pawelduda.net/2013/06/18/6-re...sidering-java/
    Could you give me some feedback about the blog post and blog in general?
    Do you have any experiences using Java for web projects?


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    can you define web projects? its funny you ask this because i have been researching web development in java for the past 4 hours and i get on here and see your post. I think that specific blog is pretty obvious and easy to understand considering. C is always gonna be 1... not going away anytime soon. java because android uses java... and objective c cause ios uses objective c.

    but I would really like to know what you mean about java for web projects? specifically.

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    Java has been fairly popular for web applications in past decade or so...in general it's your discretion that what tools you are comfortable with and use them to create your web application. Java is one tool available in the list of others(its probably a bit better tool in my opinion)


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