To whom is this concern i have problem with log in page i am trying to redirect page on my index.php page but i couldn't ,this code i copied from your website.Right here when i going from log in page to success page i getting blank page.

I think is problem here echo "<form action=\"?op=login\" method=\"POST\">"; because when i am trying to preview in browser on the end of the domain i have this \"?op=login\"

// dBase file
include "dbConfig.php";
if ($_GET["op"] == "login")
if (!$_POST["username"] || !$_POST["password"])
die("You need to provide a username and password.");
// Create query
$q = "SELECT * FROM `dbUsers` "
."WHERE `username`='".$_POST["username"]."' "
."AND `password`=PASSWORD('".$_POST["password"]."') "
."LIMIT 1";
// Run query
$r = mysql_query($q);
if ( $obj = @mysql_fetch_object($r) )
// Login good, create session variables
$_SESSION["valid_id"] = $obj->id;
$_SESSION["valid_user"] = $_POST["username"];
$_SESSION["valid_time"] = time();
// Redirect to member page
Header("Location: members.php");
// Login not successful
die("Sorry, could not log you in. Wrong login information.");
//If all went right the Web form appears and users can log in
echo "<form action=\"?op=login\" method=\"POST\">";
echo "Username: <input name=\"username\" size=\"15\">";
echo "Password: <input type=\"password\" name=\"password\" size=\"8\">";
echo "<input type=\"submit\" value=\"Login\">";
echo "</form>";