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Thread: How to setup a holding page if a site is unavailable?

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    How to setup a holding page if a site is unavailable?


    I am trying to setup a holding page stored locally on laptops so if they try to visit the corporate internal intranet site which is set as their homepage it will display the page if they are on the network or the local page if they are external. e.g. "You are not on the network and here are some quick links to webmail etc".

    Problem is I have create the local page but getting it to only appear when the site isn't available is well beyond my knowledge! Can anyone help? or ever done similar? maybe a site unavailable page?


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    If you could have all of your users access the corporate site *only* through a page stored on their local computers, you could use some JavaScript to do what you want. But the standard practice would be for the corporate site's server to respond with an HTTP status code of 503 along with a page that informs users that the site is unavailable.
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