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Thread: How do I validate?

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    How do I validate?

    Okay, very silly question, I guess... But I ran my site through the validator at w3 and it came back with a list of errors. (I didn't write the code, I just need to fix it.)

    For example:

    Error Line 19, Column 6: An head start tag seen but an element of the same type was already open.

    Okay, so my question is, where do I find Line 19 Column 6? My FTP program doesn't number lines, but even if it did, I can't seem to find where it's talking about... And what is the column?

    So, my underlying question has to do with FINDING the invalid code...

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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    If you have the Options set to show source and provide a verbose output, the validator will show you the line number it is referring to. Might look into using Firefox and the HTML Validator plug-in (uses Tidy from the W3C). As long as you do not use word-wrap in the source, the line numbers should match up with what Tidy generates and the errors shown.

    The "head" start tag flag might mean you have two opening "head" tags.
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