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Thread: Will someone PLEASE help me find developer resources!

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    Will someone PLEASE help me find developer resources!

    I am so fed up with the poor quality of work ive been getting hiring all these idiots who say they can build websites. Its real simple. I live in Valley Village, CA. Where can I find a list of web developers for hire in my area?

    Will someone PLEASE tell me where I can find a decent developer?

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    Did you try checking your local telephone book (remember that old thing) -- or perhaps Craigslist or Backpage?

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    Oh that's really seems irritating . i think you can found web developers list as suggested by Multimastery But again no guarantee whether they perform and satisfied you by their work .. Sometimes hiring a single person is not the solution as may the person (hired) is week at some skills or points . So better option is to hire some professional firm where a team working (all are expert on their work) , means your work is professionally done ..
    If you are interesting in hiring a good web design company then read thread for better help , how to find one for you ?

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