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Thread: Google site outline when you search it, whats it called and how to you make it?

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    Exclamation Google site outline when you search it, whats it called and how to you make it?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a question when you look up a site on Google (like in this example facebook) you see the main URL at the top and then other sub-pages below like lon-in and others (the following link gives an image of what I'm talking about):


    What question is pretty basic, what are these page fold outs actually called, and how you make on for your sites. Thanks

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    My understanding is that is Google-controlled by how they rate/rank your site and their determination of what sub-pages are worth citing as possibly being relevant/interesting. I'm not sure there's anything you can do from your side other than all the usual stuff to optimize your SEO for the whole site and driving as much traffic to your site as possible. However, my knowledge may be a bit dated (at least a year ago or more when I looked into this), so let's see if any of the SEO experts have anything more to say.
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    The sub-pages are all links that are related to your original search criteria and placed below to provide you with the best relative links.Might want to view/subscribe Google's SEO Videos.

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