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Thread: Problems getting picture to fit into Banner

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    Problems getting picture to fit into Banner

    Good morning everyone. I taught myself some html and css last Monday and am currently working on a Website banner at the top of a page.

    I am trying to take this picture:


    and have it displayed cropped very linearly so that the train is the only thing showing. (a Banner). I got it to work in Mozilla firefox using [;background-position:35% 50%] but this command doesn't work in internet explorer. I'm not too familiar with javascript but I'm looking for any way to do this.


    P.S. my company, General Electric uses internet explorer as default so switching isn't an option.

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    Have you thought about removing all the background except for what you want to keep then crop image to a good banner size? Any good graphics editor will allow you to do it.

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    Hi there Intern,

    and a warm welcome to these forums.

    As our friend Major Payne has pointed out, cropping and resizing is certainly preferable to using a 3,008px 2,000px image.

    I have cropped an example - (1,000px 284px) - for you to play with.

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    Image looks great to me and ready to use!

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