I used ziptask to work on a project. The PM from Ziptsk charges $75 an hour and he outsourced my project to an Indian guy that charges either 25 or 30 an hour.

The site is in wordpress. The programmer, instead of using standardized plugins for forms is using custom code. The site was originally done by a buddy but he didn't complete it so I needed someone else to complete the job. I know, a mess.

A few programmer pals looked at the site and they said that the way the guy is building the site will create challenges if I want to add functions or modify the site down the road. They say the programmer is procedural.

If it was just the Indian fellow I would be inclined to place the blame solely on myself because his skill set is what it is. But I am paying a US based ziptask PM 75 bucks and hour and he should know that it will be a nightmare to scale, expand, and alter if the programmer is doing it his own way.

I am not talking about complex stuff but rather the ability to alter emails going out after orders, the ability to send out pictures with orders, have a membership function, etc.

I will likely have to use an onshore USA team and pull the job form the Indian, but are my expectations reasonable standard industry practice?