I currently have a membership website in which users may interact with various restaurant businesses that I have in my database. We have each businesses facebook page within our database, also.

I want a share button on our website that allows a user to post on their facebook feed AND automatically tags the desired business, subsequently post on that businesses facebook page. For example, if the user clicks share, the post would say " I just visited [restaurant]!", and this post would be viewable on that specific restaurants wall.

I understand and have successfully created a share button that posts the message and inserts the businesses name. BUT I still cannot successfully tag/mention the business such that it posts to their wall.

I am pretty sure that Facebook api is the answer but I am having trouble with a jumping off point.

Other info: I have the businesses facebook page in my database. I have the users name. I used apigee and tried to use FB checkin. This required lat/long coordinates, but other than that successfully tagged the business.

Thank you in advance!!!