Hello web developers, it's kind of intimidating coming in to a forum where all these professionals hang out and speak a technical language that I'm not very familiar with. See, my area of expertise is Article writing and Business management. I'm currently Co-Owner and Editor-In-Chief of a video game news website www.baddigit.com. The site has been online for almost 5 months now and it's rapidly growing in traffic and ranking. We started not even ranking in such sites as Alexa, to currently being ranked 2, 346, 488 worldwide, and 182, 357 in the US. The site is a unique approach to the industry as it will have content other video game news sites lack, as in a a full fledged highly interactive community (like facebook but for videogamers), customizable profiles where you can stay in touch with your friends, a witty, funny and balls out type of humor, Art portal (similar to what the website newgrounds.com has), animations, skits, etc..

As you guys can see, it's a project that will be huge and has high potential, and we have heard this from potential investors, but they want to see more, the site is very basic right now and needs help from web developers that know their stuff. I have a couple of problems though, my project partner is my cousin, he is young, only 21, he is currently taking care of the web developing duties, and as you can see he has done a decent job of putting everything together, but his knowledge is limited, he is still learning, and the site has hit a brick wall because of this. He has a little trouble expressing himself, and maybe that is why up until know all the 20 or so web developers (most of them know more than he does and they offered to help without any compensation since we have no funds yet) that I have directed to him have mysteriously vanished without saying a word, and I've asked him what is going on, and in his stubborn way says they just don't know more than he does and don't understand him.

He is family and all, but dam, maybe HE is the problem here. So plan B, I need a web developer that would be willing to take a look at the site, and help us realize what we want to integrate so we can grow and get funded. You would still work with my cousin, but if you have any problems understanding him or you feel like he does not help, please contact me immediately, this would be kept private between you and myself. I need to know if he is the problem here, and obviously he does not know about this. As stated before guys, we have no money, YET, this is purely a contribution, people that believe in the project, we currently have 5 article writers contributing and one drawing artist revamping our two mascots, Lex and Kat. As soon as the site is invested on, or gets funded we will then offer permanent employment or compensation to everybody that sticks with us till then.

Long post I know, but thanks guys, Baddigit is my life and it will be internationally known, I know it. My email is mikealvastudio@gmail.com, my name is Mike.