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Thread: How To Retain Website Visitors?

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    How To Retain Website Visitors?

    Everyone wants to have high website traffic. It is true that traffic might be coming to your website; however there is no use if people do not stay on your website for long. If you are getting good amount of traffic, you are certainly marketing your website efficiently, but if the people leave from your website right away, there is something wrong.

    If this is what you are experiencing, consider the factors mentioned below:
    1. Make sure that the content of every web page is well written and is in accordance with the title of the page. Ensuring the right use of keywords is also essential.
    2. Make sure that at least your home page does not contain any link to any other page. As the users spend a lot of time on the home page, there are higher possibilities that they will navigate to the link present on the home page
    3. Work on a relevant internal linking structure that enables better navigation within the website and helps in reducing the bounce rate
    4. If you have a blog on the website, check all the posts made in it and analyze them to check if they are providing with any value to the users or not

    The above mentioned are some of the basic factors to retain the customers on the website. They are simple and you can take action on them right away.

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    And this would help in better bounce rate too, this way you can get much SEO benefit.. so the thing is you should work for the users for better result.
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    Social Media optimization should helps to retain your website's visitors.For this purpose,you should share good quality content regarding your website pages,usable things to your visitors,make a community and group.If you do this things on social media.then you should retain your visitors.

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    I'm confused about this because I have ahd one-page sales pages that have ranked better (and gained faster and higher PR) than many of my content-rich sites. So how could this be because bounce rate had to be high if it was only a 1-page site.

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