We have a camera which uploads images to our webserver every 15 seconds. This static image is displayed on a page, and refreshed to show the latest image. This is uploaded as "webcam.jpg".

I'd like to change the upload such that it uploads a set number of images. This will up upload images as "webcam_1.jpg" through to "webcam_480.jpg".
Once 480 is uploaded, it resets to 1.

Is it possible to determine the newest image uploaded to the webserver and display this image each 15 second refresh?
For example if the latest image is webcam_178, this image is displayed on the page. When next checked, it finds webcam_179 and displays this image.
Date modified on the image includes the date and time uploaded.

Ultimately I aim to wrap all 480 images into an 8 minute loop of the previous 2 hours captured.

Thanks for any help!