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Thread: Variable not acting global

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    Variable not acting global

    This shouldn't be so hard to help me with. This is the text game I'm making. I'm making it to learn Javascript. The variable name is declared outside the function but it's not acting like a global function. When you run the program the variable called name gets the users name in the function getname but goes blank when in the function tarien.
    What am I doing wrong?


    <title> Legend of the Dragonstone </title>



    <script src = "http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.6.3/jquery.min.js"> </script>


    var name = "";

    $(document).ready(function() {

    function tarien() {

    $("header").append("<p>-= Terien =-</p>");
    $("header").append("<p>1. Enter Ye Old Weapon Smith</p>");
    $("header").append("<p>2. Enter Terien Armory</p>");
    $("header").append("<p>3. Enter Terien College of Proffesions</p>");
    $("header").append("<p>4. Fight in Arena</p>");
    $("header").append("<p>5. Enter Provision Store</p>");
    $("header").append("<p>6. Enter Black Pony Bar</p>");
    $("header").append("<p>" + name + ", Enter the number of your selection.</p>");

    // $("#button.click(function(){
    // $("p").hide();
    // var choice = $("#text").val();


    function choosename() {

    $("header").append("<p>Please enter your characters name.</p>");

    var name = $("#text").val();






    <input type="text" id="text">
    <input type="button" value="ok" id = "button">



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    replace var name = $("#text").val(); with name = $("#text").val();
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    but (based on the snippet shown) it would be better to keep that variable local and pass it as an argument to the tarien function:

    function choosename() {
    // other stuff
    var name = $("#text").val();	
    function tarien(nm) {
    // other stuff
    $("header").append("<p>" + nm + ", Enter the number of your selection.</p>");

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