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Thread: How to Pre-load Webpage then Pop in New Window Once Pre-loaded?

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    How to Pre-load Webpage then Pop in New Window Once Pre-loaded?

    Is it possible to have a webpage pre-loaded once a link is clicked. Then when that page is fully loaded, pop a new window with the page in it?

    The effect I want the end user to see is a new page pop open with next to no delay rendering that page in that new window.


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    What would happen if you do a standard "preload an image" pointing to your web page instead of an image? Would it preload the target page?

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    There's no practical way to achieve this. At some point you would have to preload all of the resources (html, images, stylesheets, scripts, etc.) for any page you wanted to make available in this manner. So even if you have some very clever code to avoid some unnecessary preloading and do this all only after the current page has fully loaded, unless the user spent enough time perusing the current page to allow all of those resources to be preloaded, there will still be some delay while the balance of those resources is loaded by the browser. I think you'd be much better off just doing whatever you can to make your pages naturally load faster. There's lots of information on this topic online to help you.
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    Apart from it being pointless to do so, you also have the issue of compliance with accessibility and also if javascript is native to the browser because some browsers have nothing other than text output like Lynx browsers.
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