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Thread: Adflick - The free way to gain more traffic!

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    Adflick - The free way to gain more traffic!

    Hey guys,

    A few of you may already know what Adflick is and what it does but most of you will not. Adflick has been developed to allow users to swap advertising slots on each others website as a way to increase website traffic.

    Ad swapping is a process of exchanging banners with another website and have them link to you whilst you link to them. This process is very long winded and slow, but that's where Adflick comes in. Using Adflick, you choose a website to swap with, once a swap request has been sent and the receiving website accepts your request, Adflick automatically puts up your advert and sends traffic to your website.

    With Adflick there's no need to email website owners and wait a week for a response or manually edit your website every time you want to swap ads, because Adflick does it for you. Aswell as doing everything for you, Adflick gives you real-time analytics so you can see how much traffic is being sent to your website.

    It allows you to target your advertising and choose what adverts you would like to display on your website.

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    Never heard of this. Will check it out!

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