I don't know if this is a lame idea or what but seems to me, a huge amount of visitors to a site where they do, in fact, gain value by reading, once they click away, they are gone forever. Everybody gets information overload and it's hard to always know a site you visited. But, weeks later, you might want to go there again. If you had an email in your email inbox from the site, you could more easily find it. So, why not have something like this.

A visitor clicks away from a page. Another pages comes up and says "Sorry to see you go. Would you like for us to send you an email right now so that you have our website name in your email inbox?" And they would then fill in the box with their email address. You would want it to be such that it would only ask them this question once, if possible, else they would get the page every time they navigated away from a page.

Let me know what you think and how it could be done. I am not a php programmer but I have modified some scripts. Is there a script for this?