Greetings all,

My day job is as an archivist, and in library school I took all the web/database courses offered... As its been a couple years without using these skills, I'm having a bit of difficulty blowing the dust off setting up sites, and was hoping for some advice from users of this forum.

Having chose a field I really enjoy (which pays the same as janitors in the library system I work for) I've arranged a barter where I'll be doing a couple simple websites in exchange for work on my house.

I currently have a hosting account through fatcow tied to a domain that is, and am wondering how easy it to just have my barter customer pay for his business URL, and then host his site via my personal account.

I believe this is call subdomain hosting? (I can do the design stuff allright, its the backend arrangement I've had little experience with and totally forget what I did learn).

That said, in this site I would be setting up my customer with a shopsite interface, and would like to know what anyone out there thinks about:

1) setting up a shopsite account where customer has full admin over what he uploads and sells (he wheels and deals collectible coins mostly). Curious if its possible to allow him admin access to the eCommerce stuff, but not my hosting account.

2) would it make better since to have him buy his own domain/hosting account that I build for him, for not only legal purposes and shopsite admin purposes?

3) now that the legality purposes come to mind as I ask these questions, is there a contract out there that would cover me should he do anything illegal with his site and it were under my personal hosting account?

4) any other input/advice on this is more than welcome!

I realize this is some 101 stuff, I've basically only built a personal site and some smaller business sites for friends; I appreciate any and all input!