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Thread: What is Google Knol?

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    What is Google Knol?

    Knol is a project from Google that aims to include user written articles on a range of topics and category. Knol was made public in beta state in 2008 July. Knol has no policies regarding sources and neutrality. There are pages in knoll containing opinion from different authors, some pages are there containing product descriptions and sale, some article explains about how to category.

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    Knol is an online knowledge base under development by Google.Originally conceived by Google engineer Udi Manber.

    It has been compared to Wikipedia but there are significant differences. While Wikipedia allows anonymous submissions, Knol publishes the names of authors.

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    Google Knol is actually more like web hubs such as Squidoo and Hubpages that allow you to publish a web page covering a single subject. But it does have some wiki elements. For example, you can open up your Google Knol to a team of people for collaboration or even open it up to the public at large. This means you don't have to author your Knol by yourself. You can be part of a team.

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    Yes, you can take it as a blog but it can be managed by a team as well.
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    Knol is a one of the Google service that helps to people share knowledge.Readers with Google accounts can rate, comment on, or suggest edits to the Knols, similar to blog comments.

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    It was a project started by the google with an aim to include user-written articles on a range of topics.

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