Hi all,

I am new to programming but not new to the IT industry.

I have been researching and training in a few areas, but seem to have landed on the PHP/MySQL track for what I would like to do.

I would like to create web apps that users can create an account, enter data, have access to their own data, and also view reports based on the data they entered. They content would vary depending on the purpose of the application, but the concepts are the same. The goal is to be able to extract KPI's from the data that is entered over time and display dashboard type reporting, as well as the ability to download excel/pdf versions if a user would like to. I would also like the ability to allow "companies" with multiple users to access to the same data - but may vary depending on permissions within that organization.

Am I going down the right path in choosing PHP and MySQL? I have looked at a few web based technologies and have determined that will be the most scalable and effective approach. Any advice on what to learn or focus on? I appreciate any help that you can offer.