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Sorry if this has been asked my search didn't turn up anything sensible. My question is a broad one about which direction I should be headed as a novice flash developer looking to move to HTML5/CSS/JS. So I lived on this ship for a few months last year and had to keep myself entertained during down time, I painfully taught myself AS3.0 from the documentation supplied with Flash (with no internet connection at sea ), and made a game based around Box2D Flash physics engine. I showed a friend who works for Google and he suggested I re-write it in JS then get it going on mobile devices, with the likes of PhoneGap etc... It looks like I'll end up back on a ship for a while so... I've done a bit of looking around and I think I've got my head around using Box2DWeb (A JS port) and EaselJS to do most of what I was doing as far as scripting goes, my main question actually is about drawing and animating.

What illustrating program would someone suggest to one who is competent with the flash drawing environment? I'd like to be able to trace photos with a line tool then fill gaps with colours/gradients etc, basic cartoon drawing. I tried Inkscape and it just doesn't make sense, fills within strokes have a separate stroke line (a fill with a stroke inside a stroke?), deleted lines leave holes, every click seems to be a separate object - I liked how flash combined lines/fills of the same RGB value into one selectable item that you could manipulate as if drawn all at once. I'd also like to be able to frame-by-frame animate some of it and I get how to do this with EaselJS if I have a PNG file with multiple sprites within it but how does one go about producing the sprites? At this stage I'm thinking I will just do it in Flash and export the drawings as PNG, build them into a PNG with Inkscape or something? Though I'm sure this will be frowned on?

Apologies if this is in the wrong place I guess it is probably not a scripting question. Illustrations aside if anybody has any advice for EaselJS or alternate libraries for doing what I'm doing I'd appreciate it. I think I've got my head around prototypes rather than classes for example - any mindsets a flash developer might be stuck on like this too.

Thanks for any help in advance!
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