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Thread: invisible links or hidden text

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    invisible links or hidden text

    What are invisible links or hidden text and should we use them in our sites?

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    If you use them then it would counted in clocking which comes into black hat SEO method.
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    Hidden text means showing something different to search engine and some showing something different to users on your site. Hidden text and invisible links are a technique which violates Google quality Guideline so we can't use them on our website.

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    Never use hidden texts......... the big G don't like it at all.
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    You can use it IF you want to risk you site getting banned very quickly by Google (and maybe other search engines, but other engines are not as strict as Google so you might be able to get away with it). If you want to try these stunts, just test them methods on a site you don't really care about and see what happens!

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    Google treat this type of hidden link or text as spam also known as clocking in terms of SEO.Admin of the site use this for crawler so that user can't see this hidden text or file but crawler crawl this hidden things.

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