Hi all,
I want to create an Image map with hovering feature for each individual area.
i already created the image map (code below) but i don't know where to add the hovering code... anyone?

<p align="left">
<map name="FPMap0" id="FPMap0">
<area href="http://www.portfolio.com" shape="rect" coords="0, 226, 351, 398" />
<area href="http://www.EPM.com" shape="rect" coords="351, 228, 695, 301" />
<area href="http://www.Request.com" shape="rect" coords="350, 302, 695, 376" />
<area href="http://www.IPCS.com" shape="rect" coords="698, 230, 1278, 376" />
<img alt="" src="SiteAssets/TopHeader.PNG" width="1299" height="377" usemap="#FPMap0" /></p>
<p align="left">