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Thread: How do you send data from a form to two different places

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    How do you send data from a form to two different places

    Hi, I am new to web development so my apologies if this is not in the correct thread. I have a web form that was created by a partner company that takes the information from the form and performs something like a web service. When the web form is submitted, in addition to being sent to that partner, I want to send the same information to our CRM (Customer Relationship Database) software. I know it has to be some kind of script to do this since there can be only one "action" in the form. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Post the form via AJAX to both sites.
    1- post to site #1
    2- post to site #2
    3- upon completion of #1 and #2, redirect user to a "thank you" page (or update the contents of the current page, etc.)

    Alternatively, only use AJAX for the first site and then let the form do the same post it already does today in step #2.

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