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    need help

    I need to write a complex code for a client and don't know where to start. Its a membership website but each member is signed in under another member so that member get credit for the membership. it gets very complex from there. It is called a tier membership i believe. What do i need to do to start?

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    You have not mentioned what experience you have? If it is virtually nothing, then I would suggest you give up now. Yes, seriously. Of course, I may be completely wrong about your experience, because I'm only guessing. Also I do not know the time scale. If someone is willing to wait however long it takes you to master the craft of web site building, and it is a craft, then fine. Go for it. You will need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript (for the eye candy), PHP and SQL. Plus how to write code that works on legacy browsers like IE8. Plus, preferably, how to write code that works on smartphones, tablets and PCs.

    There are a number of short cuts you can take, like using a CMS to write the code for you. That's your choice. But you will still have to learn how to use a CMS. And if you take the CMS route, that won't teach you how to code.
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