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Thread: vW3C validation

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    vW3C validation

    What is W3C validation and how can we ensure that our website will display correctly in all browsers that support standards will display correctly in all browsers that support W3C standards?

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    W3 validation also has transitional markup, which is not nearly as strict and very easy to achieve. This institutes good coding ethics and increases load time. Also, it will make things display correctly in cross browsers and help for the visually impaired. It is a very good practice and I would recommend using it before you make any site live!

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    w3c is the standard way of coding web pages. the validation makes sure you are up to date and not using any discontinued ways that might not be correctly read by popular up to date browsers.
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    Of course, w3c validation is needed for a website so that it would check if there is any error or not. And it would be good for search engine optimization too.
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