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    Photo Impact

    Does anyone use Photo Impact 8 here? I just purchased it (I had 5 & 6) and am rather disappointed in it. Curious if anyone else feels the same?
    Of course, I am a die hard PSP user.
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    RE PI8

    I too started with PI-5, upgraded to 6 and I'm now thinking of upgrading to 8 because it has some photo-editing upgrades in it. I'm curious as why you're disappointed though. I'm assuming you're pretty adept with PI-6. Are you aware of Stephanie's PhotoImpact board and tutorials? There are many hardcore users there that would give you a better dialog and answers. It's here:


    Personally I like PI much better than PS because it's more user intuitive (& waay cheaper). Of course, if you learned PS first, you might not find PS so daunting, but IMHO it's too obtuse to solve problems quickly and effieciently like PI, which I prefer for 90% of things.
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