Mobile SEO is relatively a new term in the SEO universe, but it is rapidly becoming an essential part of the SEO process. Especially after Google has announced the news about the important role of mobile SEO in the rankings of a website. For those who are still scratching their heads about the term “Mobile SEO”, it means the search engine optimization for sites that have a responsive web design and can be viewed on Smartphones. Google has now made it official that the rankings of such sites that can be viewed on any Smartphone will also be affected by the quality of mobile SEO done for them.

In other words, your website will gain higher rankings if its content and web design is optimized accordingly to the mobile devices and gadgets. This move will not only take Google’s credibility about being the world’s top search engine to a new level but also benefit its users by giving them astute results about the sites that have poor visual standards and can't be viewed on cell phones. Google’s latest move presses the need to acquire responsive web design for the site to work flawlessly on Smartphones and revise the old methods of SEO and adapt accordingly to the new ones. In future, no search engine optimization campaign will be complete without offering the mobile SEO services.

Google has also highlighted the most common errors and mistakes that basically occur due to flawed development procedure. These errors are:

• Faulty Redirects
• Page Speed
• Long App Download Intervals
• Unplayable Videos
• 404s - Smartphone Only
• Irrelevant Linking

The quality of professional mobile development services will be determined by the site's functionality regarding these aspects. If you still don’t have a mobile website of your business, or have doubts about what a mobile website can do for your business, you can have one made by clicking here.