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Thread: What is the keyword spamming?

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    What is the keyword spamming?

    What is the keyword spamming?

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    Keyword spamming is just putting keyword for getting too much benefit but it doesn't fit according to keyword density which is really not too good.. I would say.. it is a type of spam.
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    It's stuffing non-related with content just for the sake of trying to draw traffic. So that tricks the visitor and makes them land on a web page that they weren't even looking for. Also, t can be over-optimizing your site/webpage with a ton of keywords even though they may be relevant. You should make sure that keywords have a nice balance & flow with your content. If it reads like you're just trying to hard to stuff in keywords for the sake of ranking, then you probably are.

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    Google is certainly cracking down on keyword spamming, and rightly so. with the most recent release (Penguin 2.0) being aimed at penalizing over optimization and black SEO techniques.

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