As I receive thousands of URLs to be added to our firewall blacklist every day, I find it impossible to verify which deserve blacklisting. As a result, I receive hundreds of complaints that good sites were blocked. So in order for me to test any URL I have to open it in a browser that is in front of the firewall. For hundreds of thousands of urls this is really impossible.

Therefore, I thought of a php application that can be developed which will take a list of e.g. 1000 URLs at a time and opens them all as something like a photo gallery with each screen as 175 x 130, filling the displaying monitor. Each opened screen can be ticked to be selected for deletion. On deletion of selected screens, the originating URLs are also deleted from the providing list.

The outcome of this process is a shorter and "genuine" blacklist that will eliminate users complaints. This solution was just the outcome of my thinking (and suffering!).

Is it possible?

If not, I welcome any other solution that will facilitate viewing thousands of miniature sites that can be selectively selected for deletion if they should not be blacklisted.