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Thread: upload large file via FormData -> XMLHTTPRequest

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    Unhappy upload large file via FormData -> XMLHTTPRequest

    Hi, i try upload large file via FormData -> XMLHTTPRequest, but it hang and do nothing. All php and apache setting set by max value, apache restart. If i try upload this files from form - all ok, if i try upload small file from FormData -> xmlhtttprequest - all ok.

    I think, he does not send data to server. Just freez and do nothing.

    This is my code http://www.megafileupload.com/en/fil...t1-tar-gz.html

    Can any1 help me? I try upload file near 300 mb. Please, try it I do not even know where to look for error

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    In opera 12.15 all is OK. In firefox 22 failed without send fiale reason...

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    Try posting your code here wrapped in the appropriate tags, you will get a better response.

    As for you upload limit, this will be set by the server.
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