Hi everyone,

I'm new here, in dire need of some expertise. So I hope there's someone out there that can effectively solve this problem I'm having.

I am building a website with my brother. We now have a row of topbuttons with categories.
When clicking on a category button, below the category buttons slides a div with pictures and buttons. Those buttons that slided in, fill a div in the rightside of the site when clicked.
So basically what is selected in the top categories and their subitems, will be shown in the right side of the site.

Now, we found that these changes in layout, only occur for the user that clicks them. We want to have these choices move for public view, and saved (until told to be gone again).

I was thinking it might be something in the js like adding a .post or something like that, but I'm really clueless.

Below I will show you the script used to fill the right div with content from the top div:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.5.js"></script>
			   <script  type='text/javascript'>
			$('button.button_charsA1').bind('click', function() {
				$('div#charsA').html($('div#chars_top_A' + ($(this).index()+1)).html());
			$('button.button_charsA1').click(function() {
If there is anything else you have to see to be able to help out, I will add the needed parts in the code for you.

So, does anyone have a genius solution?

thanks in advance!