After a day or so spent wrestling with a problem - it's time to seek help from those with much more savvy than myself, which is probably most, I am not a native coder and neither am I overly familiar with the way CSS renders things all over a webpage...and many other technical aspects and get by with a lot of trial and error...

Now, that's out of the way, let me continue. I recently resurected an old project which seen a Joomla site converted into static XHTML, complete with CSS and javascript files for whatever was required and much work with the pages, removing any PHP and tons of other redundant tags, messing about with replacement external javascript things like image rotators and further making sure the sites original java functions were operational also - Then more messing about validating the various pages via the WC3 site until all passed. Great!

Well, recently I copied and pasted a chunk of code from a HTML5 page into an XHTML page, linked all relevant CSS and after a lot of fiddling about, eventually got the pasted code lined up underneath the original pages menu and it looks cool, the pasted code is actually a newspaper themed layout, complete with custom fonts and css.

It looks really good and is exactly what I had in mind when starting out, however, when I validated with WC3 it returned about a dozen errors, relating to the tags of the HTML5 code mostly. I understand that the document itself is XHTML1 Transitional and the validator is looking for specific mark up, so <header> for example rings alarm bells.

I know such a project is probably bordering on lunacy, however the Joomla site created the perfect layout I wanted and all is pretty much good so far, but there is 2 things that have gave me cause to worry - and that is having to learn how to somehow convert the entire site (or about 10 seperately styled pages at least) from XHTML to HTML5, which sounds a nightmare as there are a load of CSS files and java functions in use, or is it more viable to somehow convert HTML5 code to work within an XHTML document?

I won't go into too much else for now - I know it's a wacky sort of subject but any help or advice would be very much appreciated.