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Thread: What is Photo Sharing?

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    What is Photo Sharing?

    Dear friends,

    Please help me to know about Photo Sharing. This is new topic for me.

    Waiting for your reply.

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    Photo Sharing is when you upload your images/photos online, through photo sharing sites like Flickr, so that other users may view your images.
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    “Photo sharing” is what social media mavens call it when you upload your digital photographs to a website equipped with tools for storing, organizing, and displaying them. You share your photos with others by giving them access to your displays. Those others might be your immediate family, fellow users of the website, or the whole world.

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    Yes, it is a type of social media site, which helps in sharing photo, you also be able to customize your photo, you can edit your photo as well.
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    Photo Sharing is nothing but you upload your images and share your friends circle through image sharing websites.Facebook,twitter,Google Plus are the best social media for image sharing.Apart from that many more websites are available for photo sharing.

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