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Thread: Help Needed trying to Self reference a hyperlink?

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    Help Needed trying to Self reference a hyperlink?

    I have a customer area on a retail website , which returns the customers parcels tracking number when despatched.

    What i'm after is a way to turn this tracking number into a working hyperlink which when clicked opens a new window into the couriers website automatically pushing the tracking number into the url and tracking the parcel for them.

    My problem is i need code to reference the tracking number eg 1193849302, and insert it into a url http://www.example.com/track=[tracking number], so that the [tracking number] is replaced by 1193849302

    then to have showing only the tracking number which is hyperlinked to said URL, i.e. 1193849302 (hyperlinked)

    I've seen this or the big site but cant figure it out can anyone help?

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    The exact solution depends on several factors.

    Generally, the tracking ID would come from a database on your site, so getting the tracking number is easy enough.

    Getting the actual information from the shipper would require a script on your site to query the shipper's API (software interface) to retrieve the desired information and then display it to the user. An instruction in the site's .htaccess file can handle rerouting the artificial URL to execute that script.

    Basically, it's a very simple job, but it requires several different skills and setting up access to the API involved.
    Rick Trethewey
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