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Thread: What is the advantage of submitting to directories?

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    What is the advantage of submitting to directories?

    I have been recently introduced to the Search engine optimization techniques and you must understand that I would definitely not like to get into any kind of fraudulent activities that are associated with this. It is scary enough to know that here are several people out there who are making tall claims about their professionalism but are no more than conmen trying to extract money from hapless victims. Is the situation same with directory submission? Here are many articles that have been written about the significance of article submission and web submission. Submission of articles is known to increase traffic not just on the website but SERPís also as long as there is a definite goal. Should I remain careful about the money required for this purpose?

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    Article submissions to directories is important when it comes to SEO techniques. Your article will rank nicely in search engine results, and people will go to it, and eventually find the link to your site, thus driving more guests to your domain.
    Your link from that website will probably be more valuable to a search engine, because it comes from a well-ranked website.
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    The major advantage is help to index your website on search engines.But choose only high page rank websites while submit the directories.Then only it would helpful for index your website as quickly in search engines.

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    Article directory submission is no way near what it used to be. However, there are still some places worth submitting to. These are high PR directories that you should target exclusively.

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