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Thread: I am looking for an HTML5 chatroom for my website

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    I am looking for an HTML5 chatroom for my website

    I am looking for an HTML5 chatroom for my website that is mobile friendly.
    I could find only RumbleTalk and chatwind but both have no 3rd party users integration, any suggestions?

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    I would recommend you check out Wordpress. There are some decent plugins out there.

    Here's a good one for Wordpress -

    HTML5 Online CHAT ROOM Widget

    You could also go with a solid BuddyPress theme. Then get a hold of this plugin...

    Buddy Mobile Pro

    Good luck!

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    Thanks a lot ! ....i am going to check it out

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    I tried like 20 of them and not many satisfied me. I discovered that the best one is Rumbletalk, it has the best features.

    If you own a website, a facebook page, blog or anything like this I would recommend to use it as you can connect in together on all pages and it synchronize automaticaly.

    It is also really good
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    Worth trying
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